Travel Safety

The university offers our students, faculty and staff safety and security advice, medical support, service referrals, and emotional supports when travelling.

Before you Travel

UBC contracts with International SOS (ISOS) to provide travel planning information and updates on current situations when you are abroad. To prepare for your trip:

Review ISOS Access Information

As students or faculty, you can also prepare for your field trip by reviewing a range of information and guidance on travel and field safety. This site has been developed by Risk Management Services at the Okanagan Campus in collaboration with the Field Safety and International Travel Steering Committee, Risk Management Services Vancouver Campus, in conjunction with Human Resources, and Go Global resources from both campuses.

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Student Safety Abroad

UBC’s Student Safety Abroad Program supports safe experiences abroad by:

  • Offering advice for assessing and mitigating risks
  • Making it easier for UBC to assist students if they encounter critical incidents
  • Offering a clear and simple process for adjudicating travel proposals and providing tools to prepare students for possible regional hazards.

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Faculty & Staff Safety Abroad

As faculty and staff, if you experience a medical emergency while travelling outside of Canada and you are enrolled in the UBC Extended Health Plan, contact Allianz Global Assistance immediately. Allianz Global Assistance will refer you to medical help and in some circumstances will arrange for payment of your medical emergency expenses to the provider directly.

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