Banking Procedures

All physical bank deposits must be sealed in the new green-coloured tamper-proof deposit bags after March 26 (11:00 am)

Detailed information for departments and units on UBC banking procedures such as deposits, incoming wire transfers, managing petty cash, coinage accounts, cheques, and other everyday tasks.

Unidentified Wire Transfers and Direct Deposits

If you find any wire transfers that belong to your department, please contact Treasury Accounting and provide the following Workday worktags, together with supporting documents to claim the funds:

  • Revenue or Spend Category
  • Ledger Account
  • Gift, Grant, Program, or Project (if available)
  • Cost Centre (if Gift, Grant, Program, or Project is not available)
  • Fund (optional)
  • Activity (if any)
  • *Sponsor ID if a Grant worktag is used, or Customer ID if a Grant worktag is not used  

Please note: A Sponsor/Customer ID is only required for wire transfers and direct deposits (excludes depositing cash/cheques via "Record Cash Sale"), when the Revenue Category used for the transaction falls under one of the four Revenue Category Hierarchies (RCH):

  • Government Grants and Contract Revenue | Federal Government
  • Government Grants and Contract Revenue | Provincial Government
  • Government Grants and Contract Revenue | Other Government
  • Non-Government Grants, Contacts and Donations (except for RC0051 - Donations Revenue)
How do I know if the Revenue Category I use falls under the four Revenue Category Hierarchies (RCH)? 

For instruction on how to identify if a Revenue Category falls under a Revenue Category Hierarchies (RCH), see Find Revenue Category Hierarchy in the Workday Knowledge Base.

How to find the Customer or the Sponsor ID when I only know the Customer or the Sponsor name? 

Search and run the “Data Audit – Customers” or the “Data Audit – Sponsors” report in Workday to cross reference the Customer/Sponsor ID and name.

If you require assistance identifying the Customer/Sponsor ID, please reach out to a member of your department’s finance team.

If the customer has not been set up in Workday, please perform the following steps in Workday to submit a new customer request:

  1. In the Workday search bar, type “Create Request”
  2. Under Request Type, select “Customer Request”
  3. Complete the Customer Request Form

If you require assistance with the Customer Request Form, please reach out to Tanya Stein (

Research Grant Funds 

In addition to the list provided above, Research Finance is making available the Research Virtual Account list to be claimed for Research Grants. Please review the list to identify payments related to research grants and forward the banking line, worktag, invoices, and any other relevant documentation to for processing.


  • Department Deposits (T Slips)
  • Preparing the Deposit Bag for physical deposit
  • Options for Submitting Deposits Daily
  • Bank Account Reconciliations
  • Incoming Wires and Direct Deposits
  • UBC Vancouver Off-Campus Sites Deposits
  • Tuition Deposits

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  • Cancelling cheques
  • Stopping payment
  • Re-issuing cheques
  • Incorrect information on cheques
  • Other circumstances
  • Lost cheques
  • Replacing a Stale Dated Original UBC Cheque

View Cheque Procedures

Credit Card Deposits

  • Credit Card deposits outside of TouchNet
  • Credit Card Clearing Daily Procedures
  • Credit Card Housekeeping
  • Analyzing Credit Card Deposits Procedures

View Credit Card Procedures

Petty Cash

  • Establishing a New Petty Cash Fund
  • Cashing Petty Cash Cheques
  • Increasing or Decreasing the Petty Cash Amount
  • Replenishing or Closing Petty Cash

View Petty Cash Procedures

Change Floats, Coinage Account

  • Establishing A New Cash Float
  • Increasing the Cash Float
  • Decreasing the Cash Float
  • Closing the Cash Float
  • Placing a Coinage Order
  • Depositing to a Coinage Account to make coin
  • Reconciling a Coinage Account

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Imprest Account

  • Obtaining Approval for an Imprest Account
  • Establishing a New Imprest Account
  • Increasing or Decreasing the Imprest Account Amount
  • Replenishing or Closing the Imprest Account
  • Changing an Imprest Account Signatory
  • Reconciling an Imprest Account
  • Annual Verification of Imprest Account Balances

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