Find emails and phone numbers for various departments. Looking for help with procurement, accounts payable, credit cards, or vendors? Try the Customer Support Centre. If you have payroll related inquiries please visit the Contact Payroll page.

Unit Contact Phone Email UBC Directory
Procurement Services Purchase Requisitions & PO Closures 
Revenue Accounting Project Grant Setup Requests (604) 822-3596
Treasury Tax Related Inquiries (604) 827-2219
Revenue Accounting Returned Items (NSF) Inquiries (604) 822-0250
Revenue Accounting Services Levy Inquiries (604) 822-3596
Revenue Accounting Royalty Withholding Tax Inquiries (604) 822-2635
Budgeting & Management Reporting Budget Related Inquiries
Revenue Accounting Revenue Accounting Staff List Visit
Budgeting & Management Reporting Hyperion Related Inquiries
Financial Reporting Financial Reporting Staff List Visit
Budgeting & Management Reporting Budgeting & Reporting Staff List Visit
Payroll Payroll Staff List Visit
Budgeting & Management Reporting Budgeting & Hyperion Support
Financial Reporting Financial Reporting General Inquiries
Revenue Accounting Coinage Account Setup
Financial Reporting Endowment Accounting Inquiries
Customer Support Centre General Inquiries (604) 827-1818
Revenue Accounting Collection Items & Foreign Draft Cancellations (604) 822-2635
Travel UBC Travel Program (604) 822-5878
Treasury Foreign Currency Payments Inquiries (604) 822-4717
Revenue Accounting Credit Card Chargeback Inquiries (604) 822-3819
Financial Systems Peoplesoft Support Visit
Customer Support Centre Vendor Setup & Related Inquiries (604) 822-6250
Revenue Accounting Credit Card Merchant Account Setup (604) 822-2903
Finance Training Finance Training Inquiries
Customer Support Centre OPT HelpDesk (604) 827-1818
Customer Support Centre Payments against PO Commitments Inquiries
Revenue Accounting Cashed Cheque Inquiries (604) 822-3819
Strategic Sourcing Strategic Sourcing Staff List Visit
Customer Support Centre Wires & Bank Drafts Inquiries (604) 827-3457
Revenue Accounting Deposit Adjustments Inquiries (604) 822-3819
Accounts Payable Accounts Payable Staff List Visit
Revenue Accounting Stop Payments, Cheque Cancellations (604) 822-2635
Revenue Accounting Incoming Wires Inquiries (604) 822-0250
Procurement Services Procurement Services Staff List Visit
Revenue Accounting Non-resident Withholding Tax Inquiries (604) 822-2635
Revenue Accounting Night Deposit Key Inquiries (604) 822-6779
Revenue Accounting Stop Payments, Payroll Accounts Inquiries (604) 822-5330
Revenue Accounting Petty Cash Account Setup