Vehicle Rental & Insurance

University travellers and guests of UBC have access to many vehicle rental discounts and corporate programs within Canada and abroad.

Rental rates frequently fluctuate due to supply and demand, and vehicle rental companies also offer promotional prepaid rates. Prepaid rates have more restrictive change and cancellation policies, therefore UBC recommends the use of non-prepaid rates.

How to book a rental vehicle

  • We recommend booking rental vehicles for university-related travel either through Concur or Direct Travel (formerly Vision Travel) for efficient rate comparison
  • By booking through Concur or Direct Travel, travellers are provided with the additional duty of care and emergency travel services and easy to manage itineraries

Booking Tips

  • When picking up the vehicle, ensure you have the appropriate corporate identification numbers and UBC identification
    • Ask the car rental company to confirm the rate booked and to verify it against any promotional rates
    • Always check the exterior of the vehicle for any damage before driving off the lot
    • Upon drop-off verify the exterior of the vehicle and report any damage immediately
  • If you are travelling in British Columbia always ask for, and compare the BC Government rate as they usually represent the best value
  • In the event of an accident please ensure you advise the insurance provider within 48 hours
  • If you are planning to take the vehicle off main roads, tow items or load with heavy equipment, please ensure you advise the rental vehicle company first

Rate Codes

If you are not booking through the UBC Travel program please verify the following rate codes with the rental vehicle company. Visit the BC Government website for further information. BC Government rates are only available for rentals within British Columbia.

UBC has access to various rate programs, including BC Government, CAUBO, BC Post Secondary and Travel Agency Corporate rates.

Review Corporate Rates and Discount Codes

Vehicle Insurance

It is the responsibility of the traveller to ensure there is adequate insurance for rental vehicles while on university business.

Vehicle Rental Insurance Quick Reference Guide

Third Party Liability

UBC automatically carries Third Party Liability insurance for UBC related short-term car rental. As such UBC travellers should decline Third Party Liability insurance if offered by the car rental company.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

University employees should ensure they have CDW coverage through either of the 3 options offered by UBC. 

UBC Credit Card Program

The UBC Credit Card Program includes the American Express or VISA Scotia Bank credit cards. 

  • Ensure the employee's name on the UBC credit cards matches the name on the vehicle rental.
  • The cost of the vehicle rental must be charged to the UBC credit card. 
  • The employee should decline the CDW or LDW insurance offered by the vehicle rental company.

In the event of an accident or damage claim, the employee must notify the credit card insurance provider within 48 hours for the insurance to be valid. Insurance coverage may be declined if they are not notified. 

Vehicle Rental Insurance Quick Reference Guide

For complete information verify the certificate of insurance which was provided with the credit card.

UBC Safety & Risk Services (SRS)

When the vehicle rental is within North America:

Refer to the Vehicle Rental Insurance Quick Reference Guide for contact information. 

Car Sharing Programs

Car sharing makes the occasional use of a vehicle affordable while providing an incentive to minimize driving and rely on alternative travel options as much as possible. Typically, members pay a small monthly or annual administration fee to cover some of the fixed costs of the car, plus a minimum usage fee.

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