International Travel

When travelling abroad, check if you need a visa or other travel documents by visiting CIBTvisas.

Save time and money planning and booking your trip. Enjoy a range of service, security and benefits and automatically receive prior and/or during your travel:

  • Notifications on visa requirements
  • Travel and health advisories
  • Passport expiry reminders

Check for Visa Requirements

If you purchase your Visa through CIBT, check UBC Account details here

A valid passport is required for all US and international travel. Please make sure that your passport:

  • has a valid expiration date more than six months from the trip return date
  • is in good condition and is not frayed or torn
  • has a minimum of two blank pages for Immigration stamps

For assistance, call CIBTvisas at 888-665-9956 between 5:30am-6:00pm Pacific Mon-Fri.

Government of Canada Travel Resources

Before making travel arrangements outside of Canada, we recommend you review these resources:

Passport Information

Canadian citizens travelling outside of Canada should verify the expiry date on their passport and ensure that the passport is valid while travelling. Many countries require passports have a minimum of six months validity. For passport information, see Passport Canada and this Step-by-Step Guide.

UBC travellers who are not Canadian citizens should contact the Consular or Embassy of the country of your nationality.

Immunization Requirements

Check the links below for information on immunization requirements:

World Health Organization News