Hotels & Campus Accommodations

University travellers and guests of UBC have access to many hotel discounts and corporate programs within Canada and abroad. 

UBC Travel provides access to a variety of discounts as listed below, in addition to the corporate rates offered by our travel management company Direct Travel and our preferred rates with Best Western.

How to Book Hotels

We recommend booking hotels for university-related travel (e.g. employees, guests, etc.) through:

  • Concur, UBC's secure online booking tool or Call an agent at Direct Travel during business hours 604-637-1466 or toll-free 1-844-905-3824
  • Note: a Profile is required before booking travel, register and create a profile here
  • Either booking method will save you time searching on various websites and provide you with a quick rate comparison on all corporate rates (i.e. CAUBO, BC Gov. Direct Travel, Best Western, etc.) see below for more discount rate information
  • Bookings made either through Concur or Direct Travel will automatically receive important travel email alerts before and during travel and you will have access to a 24/7 emergency service rebooking line.
  • Important: By using the UBC's Travel Program (Online with Concur or with an agent at Direct Travel) your itinerary information is synced between both options and UBC travel will monitor bookings in major emergency situations to proactively provide support and/or information.

Both methods will save you time searching on various websites and provide you with a quick rate comparison on all corporate rates (CAUBO, BC Gov. Direct Travel, Best Western)

When do you require a profile in Concur?

Profile set up is required to ensure booking efficiency and correct contact information, for UBC Employees and UBC Students traveling or booking travel for others, for university-related business.

  • Travellers and Travel Arrangers need unique profiles and, only if applicable, the traveller adds the traveller arranger's name in their profile to authorize them to book on their behalf.
  • Traveller Tip: Provide your mobile phone in your traveller profile (located in Concur) to keep yourself conveniently informed on any and all travel alerts.

Guest Travel

  • Profile set up is not required for Guest travellers
  • UBC employees with a profile in Concur can use the guest booking feature in Concur or call Direct travel to book UBC guests and/or non-employees

Important: When air and hotel accommodations are being paid by UBC for non-employee travel, it is strongly recommended to use UBC booking and payment options to make it efficient for the traveller and to ensure any changes, cancelations, are properly managed and refunds are returned to UBC.

Use these tips to get the most out of your money
  • UBC's online system with Concur and a Direct Travel agent both have UBC's policies configured into the search system which includes access to various corporate discount rates, as listed below.
  • Change or cancel bookings: Bookings are easily managed within Concur or an agent with Direct Travel.
  • To avoid additional booking fees, do not book air and hotel on separate reservations. Always use the add to itinerary (air, hotel) feature in Concur or advise an agent at Direct Travel.
  • Generally, corporate hotel rates are not prepaid. Unlike online bookings sites (Expedia, etc.) payments are made to the hotel upon check out and not at the time of booking. Therefore we especially recommend UBC guest bookings use UBC corporate rates and not prepaid rates on public sites.
  • Prepaid bookings may have slightly lower rates but generally have more restrictive rules and in the event of a cancellation additional monitoring is required because any refunds if applicable, will go back to the original form of payment and the department would have to exclude these amounts from expense reimbursement requests.
  • Can't find what you need? If you don't see the appropriate rate code (i.e. conference rate) or hotel or need assistance please contact Direct Travel during business hours at 604-637-1466 or toll-free at 1-844-905-3824

Hotel Programs

Best Western (worldwide) 

  • UBC discounts are available for both business or leisure bookings
  • Discounted rates at over 4,000 hotels worldwide
  • Includes Best Western Plus & Best Western Premier locations
  • There are no booking fees when the UBC Best Western Booking portal is used or by calling Best Western and quoting the UBC corporate code. phone 1-800-780-7234 (toll free) or 1-800-528-2222 (hearing impaired)
  • Register for BW rewards program

BC Provincial Government (BC accommodations only, this is an information site, not a booking site)

  • UBC employees and UBC guests are eligible for provincial government negotiated hotel rates with participating BC only hotels, for business-related travel
  • UBC identification or a UBC letter of reference for guests may be requested upon check-in
  • Generally, these rates are the least expensive. However, hotels may have limited inventory/availability. In this case, we recommend the CAUBO rates (see below) or other corporate rates through UBC's travel program.
  • Some hotels offer their BC Government rates by phone reservations only

Canadian Association of University Business Officers CAUBO (Canada wide program & international rates with selected chain properties, login required to view rates, not a booking site)

  • Preferential hotel rates are negotiated for CAUBO members annually for locations across Canada and are available through UBC's online tool Concur and travel agencies familiar with university travel.
  • CAUBO rates are available through Concur or Direct Travel
  • Employee Identification may be requested upon check-in

Chain wide discounts are also available for business or leisure when booking directly on the following vendor sites. Discounts range between 10-20% off best available daily/flexible rates.

UBC Vancouver and Okanagan Campus - Guest Accommodations

Vancouver Point Grey Campus

  • Stay at UBC: book rooms with either West Coast Suites; Ponderosa Studios or Gage Apartments
  • TRIUMF House: Convenient location on UBC Point Grey campus and a block from the University Village, shops, restaurants, public transportation, UBC Hospital. To check availability click here
  • Green College: Located on the northern end of UBC Vancouver with a scenic view of the ocean, mountains, lush gardens and heritage buildings. Submit your accommodation request here.

Okanagan Campus

  • While UBCO is not able to offer campus space during Summer 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are anticipating being open for Summer 2022.