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UBC has three central finance teams — Finance & Integrated Services, Treasury, and the Comptroller's Office. Learn more about each group's function below.

UBC's Finance & Integrated Services group is responsible for the university's core Payroll and Financial Operations functions, as well as the Integrated Service Centre.

UBC's Treasury focuses on the guardianship of the university's financial assets, debt insurance, and the re-lending of capital to departments and faculties.

The Comptroller's team oversees the delivery of financial support to all academic and administrative units across the UBC Vancouver campus, as well as consolidated budgeting and analysis.

Dec. 1, 2023

Why your net pay may be lower in January

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) deductions have yearly maximum contribution amounts. Once these limits are reached during the...
Dec. 1, 2023

2023 tax information and what to expect for the 2024 calendar year

Below is important information regarding your 2023 tax slips (T4/T4A) and what to expect for the 2024 calendar year. DISTRIBUTION OF YOUR 2023 TAX...
Nov. 30, 2023

Delay in ordering UBC Visa cards

This year the cut-off date for UBC Visa card application is Wednesday, December 13, 2023. UBC Visa Card delivery may be delayed during the busy...
Dec. 4, 2023
Cutoff for ISD EIB Submissions
Dec. 5, 2023
ISDs EIBs Loaded by Data Management
Dec. 5, 2023
Cutoff for ISD Approvals
Dec. 5, 2023
ISD Activities Closed
Dec. 6, 2023
Cutoff for Accounting Journal EIB Submissions