For Suppliers

In light of the impact of COVID-19, we want our suppliers to know how we are keeping our business operations running, and taking measures to support critical operations. 

The most up-to-date information about UBC’s overall response to COVID-19 is available at Please be advised that UBC:

  • continues to initiate new procurements, answer bidder questions, and award contracts
  • continues its fair and timely payments for goods delivered and services rendered
  • encourages all suppliers to comply with directives issued by their local, provincial, and national authorities

UBC continues to monitor the evolving situation closely, and we recognize that impacts to our contracts resulting from COVID-19 may be beyond the control of a supplier. In these situations, we will first be referring to the terms and conditions of our respective contracts to identify the appropriate next steps.

We strongly encourage open lines of communication and working together in these challenging times, and ask that our suppliers keep us apprised, as soon as possible through regular channels, if there are any challenges that could jeopardize their ability to deliver. Thank you for your continued collaboration and support.

Review the changes to how suppliers work with the university, specifically with regards to submitting invoices.

UBC selects suppliers through a transparent and non-discriminatory practice. Review information on how you can work with us. 

Review our standards for quote submission and requirements for supplier set up.

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