Your Pay

Everything you need to know about how and when you get paid, including how to understand your pay statement and other pay-related information.

Payment Dates

If you are on salary, you will be paid on the 15th and last day of the month. If you are paid hourly, paydays are the 8th and 23rd of the month. Paydays falling on holidays or weekends are moved to the preceding non-holiday day.

Payment Method

Typically you will be paid by direct deposit—the electronic transfer of payment directly from UBC to your designated Canadian bank account.

If you submit your direct deposit form to your hiring department, on occasion the form may not arrive prior to a  payroll cut-off, in which case a cheque would be produced and sent by mail to your home/postal address as it is on your employee record. 

Participation in Direct Deposit is strongly encouraged as it is the most effective and efficient way to ensure you receive your pay in a timely manner.

Your pay will be deposited directly into your designated eligible Canadian checking or savings account. Complete the form and send it to your hiring manager or department. The form will be submitted by your hiring department along with your hiring package to the Payroll department.

If you are an existing employee and wish to change your bank account details please use the same form to indicate the change.

Please ensure that your home address is accurate on your record.  We require this as it will be used for T4 purposes and for any payroll cheques produced. 

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Viewing your Direct Deposit

You can view information regarding pay that has been directly deposited at Faculty and Staff Self Service. Learn more about the faculty and staff service portal.

Setting up a bank account on campus

If you need to set up an account, there are several bank branches conveniently located on campus:

  • CIBC: 5796 University Boulevard (University Village)
  • ScotiaBank: 5960 University Blvd (at Gate 1)
  • Bank of Montreal: 2142 Western Pky (University Village)
  • RBC Royal Bank: 5905 Berton Ave. (Wesbrook Village)

Leaving Canada?

If you are leaving Canada do not close your bank account or cancel your direct deposit prior to receiving all wages, salary, overtime, vacation and any other earnings that you are entitled to receive from UBC.

  • Ensure your bank account remains open in order for Payroll to process all earnings owed and direct deposit the funds to your account.
  • Leave advance instruction with your bank to close your account on a specific date. Simply advise the bank you are expecting your final incoming payroll direct deposits and choose a date after the final deposit date to close your account.
  • Ensure your bank has your new contact information, forwarding address and new bank account number in the event they need to connect with you after you have left Canada. If you are opening a new account upon arrival at your new destination, you can simply transfer your account balance via online banking.
  • Remember to keep your CWL log in so you can access the UBC Faculty and Staff Self-Service portal to obtain your T4/T4A for preparation of your Canadian Income Tax Return. The Self-Service portal is available to you for 18 months after your last pay period worked.
  • T4/T4As are issued by February 28th each year.
  • Ensure your personal profile in the UBC Faculty and Staff Self-Service portal is accurate and up-to-date in the event UBC needs to contact you.
Pay Statement

Your pay statement details your earnings, taxes and deductions. They are ONLY available online at Pay statements are generally available online four to six days prior to payday.

Overpaid Earnings

If you are advised that you’ve been overpaid, you can reimburse The University of British Columbia by sending or bringing a cheque to your payroll representative at Financial Operations. Our address is 5th floor-TEF3, 6190 Agronomy Road. Our office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Understanding Tax Slips

Tax slips (T4 and T4A slips) are issued to all employees with eligible earnings after the end of the calendar year (usually February). Tax slips can be viewed and printed online at

Learn more about your tax slips

Request for Information

Financial Operations Administration will provide a standard verification of employment letter upon request. The letter will confirm the following information:

  • Name
  • Faculty/Department
  • Title/Appointment position
  • Salary
  • Start Date
  • End Date (if applicable)

Further information, if required, should be provided in a separate verification letter by the employee's department administrator or supervisor.

If desired you can request a Statement of Earnings which provides you with information on gross pay, deductions and net pay for the current year only.

Verification of Employment and Earnings

Current and Former employees wishing copies of previous years’ T4’s or T4A’s should visit Canada Revenue Agency and set up an account. Learn more about My Account offered by CRA on their website.

If you wish to authorize a 3rd party to have access to personal data, please complete the 3rd Party Authorization Form.

3rd Party Authorization Form

Request Record of Employment

If your UBC employment has been terminated and you plan to make a claim for Employment Insurance, the Canada Employment Centre requires a record of your employment history and earnings. A record of employment is only issued to terminated employees with a minimum of a 7-day break between employments. No paper record is produced. Electronic submissions go directly to Service Canada.

Request a Record of Employment

Please submit the form to your faculty or staff payroll representative.