Services Levy

The UBC services levy is used to run the community centres, athletic and cultural facilities, and to maintain public spaces and infrastructure within UBC neighbourhoods.

The Services Levy Notices are mailed out in mid-June annually. After the due date interest will be charged at the Royal Bank Prime Rate plus 6% per annum. The Services Levy issued in 2021 will be due on July 30, 2021.

Access your Account Balance Online

Access your account balance online to obtain a current balance of what is owed to the university, as of the prior day. Please use the Access Code plus your property Roll # or address to access the portal. The portal will display the balance outstanding at January 1, any current year charges including interest, and current year payments made. This link should also be used to provide UBC with a primary email address for communications concerning the Services Levy. 

Access your Account Balance

Please note that, unlike previous years, drop box services at the Wesbrook Community Centre and UBC Financial Operations are suspended until further notice due to COVID-19.

Please contact Treasury Accounting at 604-822-3596 or with any questions.

Changes in 2021 to UBC Services Levy

Due to the UBC Integrated Renewal Program and the implementation of Workday in the Fall of 2020, you will receive a new Customer Number with your 2021 billing. In future you should reference this Customer number when making payments online.

What is the Services Levy?

The services levy is like the municipal portion of property taxes for residential properties on UBC’s campus. Property owners on UBC’s campus pay a Rural Tax to the Province of British Columbia and the Services Levy to UBC. The two added together are the same as the City of Vancouver municipal tax due on a property with the same assessed value. 

  • You receive two invoices—Rural Tax invoice from the province and Services levy invoice from UBC—but are not paying taxes twice.
  • Please do not send your payment of the Rural Property Tax to UBC.  Call the Rural Property Tax office at 1-250-387-0555 or toll free in Vancouver at 604-660-2421 or email at for its payment information.  

The UBC Services Levy pays for many things such as water, sewage, and drainage systems, street lighting, road, gutter and sidewalk, maintenance, parking, and security, etc. For details, browse through our website or visit the University Neighbourhoods Association.