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Jan. 14, 2021

Employee Payroll Information for 2021

As we move forward into 2021, it is a good time for employees to review and update their Payroll Information. CPP and EI Deductions Resume The next...
Jan. 13, 2021

Important Notice About Tuition Waivers for Faculty, Academic Executives, and their Dependent Children

The current system for submitting Tuition Waivers is experiencing technical problems which prevent Faculty, Academic Executives and their dependents...
Jan. 11, 2021

Steven Bao Joins UBC as Finance Director, Special Projects

We are pleased to welcome Steven Bao to the university as Finance Director, Special Projects. Starting January 11th Steven will be working with the...
Jan. 11, 2021

Stanley Lau joins UBC as Manager, Payroll Operations and Control

We are very pleased to welcome Stanley Lau to the Payroll team as Manager, Payroll Operations and Control. Starting January 11, Stanley will be...
Dec. 21, 2020

New CRA Guidance on Claiming Employment Expenses

Since March, many UBC employees have been working from home as a result of our response to COVID-19, and affected employees have been asking whether...
Jan. 23, 2021
Time Entry and Submission
Jan. 25, 2021
Time Approval and Data Entry
Jan. 29, 2021
Payment date for employees
Feb. 1, 2021
Period Opens for January
Feb. 1, 2021
Cutoff for Supplier Invoices