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Nov. 25, 2021

Supply chain impacted due to the state of emergency in BC

Due to the severe flooding and road closures in BC, supply chains for many of UBC’s suppliers and transportation and delivery partners may have been...
Nov. 16, 2021

Bill Liu promoted to Procurement Officer in UBC Financial Operations

Bill Liu will be promoted to the role of Procurement Officer in UBC’s Financial Operations, effective November 17, 2021. In his new role, Bill will...
Nov. 9, 2021

Sarah Lee joins UBC as Finance Director, Capital Financial Management and Reporting (CFMR)

We are pleased to welcome Sarah Lee as UBC’s new Finance Director, Capital Financial Management and Reporting (CFMR) effective November 15. Reporting...
Oct. 29, 2021

Auditor General’s report gives context on their audit of UBC’s financial statements

The Auditor General shares their general findings from over 160 government entities as well as specific highlights from UBC and our response in their 2021 report.
Oct. 29, 2021

UBC Capital Assets Accounting Principles available

The UBC Capital Assets Accounting Principles document is now available on the UBC Finance website. The purpose of these principles is to establish...
Nov. 30, 2021
Payment date for employees
Nov. 30, 2021
Period+1 Opens for All Companies
Dec. 1, 2021
Payroll Activities Closed
Dec. 1, 2021
Cutoff for Expense Report Approvals
Dec. 1, 2021
Cutoff for Supplier Invoice Approvals