Why use UBC Travel?

UBC travellers receive enhanced duty of care services to help stay informed before and during travel.

It takes time to surf the web and find the best deals. Many deals aren’t even available to the public.  By using UBC Travel, you can not only save time and money planning and booking your trip, but you will enjoy a range of service, security and benefits.

Better Service

  • Choose from online self-service through Concur or a full service option through Direct Travel (formerly Vision Travel)
  • One stop shopping for all you air, car and hotel booking needs
  • Enhanced itinerary management with full visibility of all bookings and airline ticket credits
  • 24/7/365 toll-free or collect call worldwide emergency assistance
  • Service assistance available after hours, after bookings, and while travelling
  • Our travel specialists can work with you to make sure you have everything covered

Greater Security

  • Automated travel and health advisories, visa and vaccination requirements, and other important trip information
  • Duty of care allowing real-time warning and assistance for any threat including major political situations, terrorism threats or natural disasters
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that, if an issue arises in your location, our travel specialists will be proactive in contacting you for rebooking assistance
  • By using Concur, your credit card data is securely encrypted which reduces your risk of fraud
  • Concur can proactively track credit card charges, and set up email notifications when any charges are processed on your card.


  • Access various discount programs for air, hotel and car rental
  • Avoid the risk of personal credit card fraud by using UBC credit cards
  • Automatic insurance benefits and coverage
  • Benefit from UBC’s purchasing power to access various discounts not available through public sites or other services
  • Vision Travel tracks and reminds you of any unused airline tickets, reducing your loss of airline ticket credit values

More Efficiency

  • Help UBC monitor and more accurately report on Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • Spend less time searching the web for air, car and hotel options
  • Spend less time booking new reservations as all your profile information is securely stored and pre-populated