UBC recommends the use of the UBC VISA or UBC AMEX corporate credit card programs to pay for UBC related travel through Concur or Direct Travel (formerly Vision Travel).

Payment Options

There are two distinct credit card types:  

  • Individual card for UBC employee travel.
  • Departmental card for UBC guest and/or non-employee travel.

For departments that are ready to migrate to UBC’s online payment tool please apply for the UBC VISA Card. All other departments should use the UBC AMEX Credit Card.

Department Managers and/or Administrators should advise the traveller which card they should apply for. 

Credit card security and storage

  • Credit card numbers are automatically encrypted and securely stored in Concur and with Direct Travel
  • Employees no longer need to physically share card numbers which reduces the risk of fraud
  • Once the credit card information is entered into Concur, it is available for both Concur and full service booking options
  • Individual UBC card numbers are stored in the traveller’s Concur profile (not the arranger’s profile)
  • UBC departmental card information is stored in the arranger’s (Department Manager and/or Administrator) Concur profile