The University Endowment

The UBC Endowment is valued at $2.8 billion, including the TREK Endowment.

The Endowment provides stable and enduring financial support for the university’s research programs and students, and contributes to the university’s mandate to create a learning environment that fosters positive global citizenship.

It has been established through two primary sources: through external donations, which comprise a typical financial endowment for the university, and through lease and rental revenues generated from the university’s land assets.

UBC Investment Management Trust

UBC Investment Management, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the university, supports UBC with professional investment services for university-related funds. The main pools of funds managed by UBC Investment Management are the Endowment Fund, the Staff Pension Fund and the Working Capital Fund. Neither the university nor UBC Investment Management invests directly in specific companies or individual stocks and bonds. Instead, UBC Investment Management employs a pool fund structure and selects external fund managers on behalf of the university based on established criteria.

Within these externally managed pooled funds, the investment mix is highly diversified, and includes bonds, domestic and foreign equities, real estate, infrastructure, private equity, and absolute return funds. For each asset class, the Endowment is invested with portfolio managers selected for their performance, risk management, and alignment with the university’s objectives.

Other UBC Endowment Information