Your Benefits

Benefits administered by Payroll. The benefits policy and rates are set and negotiated by Human Resources. 

To check your eligibility for benefits, please see the eligibility requirements.

Are my Dependents Covered?

Dependents are covered under many of your benefits. If your dependent is attending UBC, they may be eligible for tuition waivers. UBC students are automatically enrolled in health plans through the AMS. Dependents of UBC staff may wish to opt out of the AMS Health Plans. Visit the HR website for the definition of a dependent.

What Benefits are Available?

Medical Services Plan

MSP is the Provincial health plan. It covers doctor visits, hospitalizations and other medical services.

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Extended Health

A supplementary private plan that covers prescriptions, eyeglasses, travel insurance and other needs.


Covers cleanings, fillings and dental work.

Life Insurance

UBC has basic, optional and accidental death policies available.

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Provides coverage if you become unable to work.

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The payroll office enrolls you in the pension plan when it is mandatory upon hire. All other pension enrollments and inquiries should be directed to the Pension Office.

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Tuition Waivers

Eligible employees can apply to have tuition paid for credit or non-credit courses for themselves or their dependents through

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Benefits Not Administered by Payroll

Leaves of Absence

Employees are eligible for a variety of types of leaves of absence, and may also be eligible to maintain their benefits.

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