The UBC Travel Program is designed for faculty, staff and students who are traveling for UBC related business.

Are you planning for international travel and want to get the latest government information for the COVID situation at your destination? Use this planning tool which consolidates the information you need.

Ready to book travel? Employees and Students travelling for UBC-related business are highly encouraged to book through UBC's preferred options:

  • Online with Concur (air, lodging, vehicle rental)
  • Or with a Post-Secondary Agent at Direct Travel (air, lodging, vehicle rental, trip cancelation/interruption insurance)

No matter which option you choose, you will automatically receive important travel advisories for your booking as profile information is synced between Concur and Direct Travel for maximum support during emergencies and 24/7 efficient re-booking assistance.

Worried about getting the best price? You will automatically have access to discount programs with a variety of suppliers along with the latest sales.

UBC recommends using the UBC Travel Program resources to book and pay (UBC Visa card) for all university-related travel to ensure duty of care and emergency services are provided along with access to the best pricing, managing unused ticket credits/refunds, and the tracking of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Travelling on UBC business? Travel expenses should be reasonable and appropriate in the circumstances, taking into consideration safety, practicality, and efficiency.

Review the Travel Expenditure section of the UBC Business Expense Rules for more details.

Review Business Expense Rules


How Do I Get Started?

Are you a new user or traveller and a UBC employee (including students travelling for UBC-related business)? Set up your Concur profile with your UBC email credentials. This is required for both the traveller and travel arranger. 

Register with Concur

Once you have registered and received your email confirmation to reset your password, please log into Concur to complete and customize your profile, based on the profile requirement below. Now you're ready to check prices or book your flight or hotel!  

Login to Concur

Need additional support or do you want to speak to an agent? 

If you are unable to register or have difficulty logging into Concur, please do not register multiple times, as you may already have a profile. You can try to reset your password, available on the login page. If the issue still remains, please contact us for support.

Concur Technical Support Team (5:00am - 5:00pm PT):

  • Email: (include a screenshot of error message/issue)
  • Phone: Direct Travel 604-637-1466 or 1-844-905-3824 (select option 4)

To speak with a post-secondary agent at Direct Travel to complete a booking:

Setting up your Concur UBC Employee Profile (Employees/Students)

All employees/students who travel or book travel for UBC-related business require a unique employee profile in Concur. Travellers need to customize their profiles to include (if applicable) who is authorized to book on their behalf.

Profile Requirements for Traveller
  • Legal name as it appears on travel documentation (e.g. passports)
  • Emergency contact information:  Name;  Relation; Phone  (address not required)
  • Business contact information: Faculty, Department, Unit name;  Phone business and home; Email; Mobile (if no mobile, repeat business phone number)
    • Business and Home addresses are not required
  • Traveller preferences, (e.g. frequent traveller numbers, preferred seating,  preferred departure airport, etc.)
  • Required Field: The Transportation Security Authority (TSA) requires the transmission of your gender and date of birth.
    • The information is encrypted and securely stored and is only used when travelling outside of Canada. If it is not completed the profile will not save
    • Enter Nexus numbers under "TSA Pre" field
  • Passport: Optional field but recommended for the system to accurately assess the country entry visa requirement and automatically advise requirement after the booking is completed.
  • Existing frequent traveller program numbers.
    • If required, sign up for frequent travel programs that match UBC’s agreements (Westjet, Air Canada, National Car Rental)
    • To avoid tracking errors and/or booking timeouts, your name on the frequent travel programs should match your legal name as it appears on your travel documentation and in Concur
  • Add assistants/travel arrangers who are authorized to book and charge your credit card on your behalf (applicable only in the traveller profile) 
  • Do not build a profile for Non-Employees. They can only be booked in Concur by a UBC employee using the guest booking feature or by speaking with UBC's travel agency.
Profile Requirements for Traveller Arranger (booking for others)
  • Legal Name as it appears on your UBC HR file. There is a field in the profile to add a nickname
  • Business contact information: Faculty, department, unit name; Phone business;  Email; Mobile if used for business, if not enter the business phone number again
    • Home and Business addresses are not required
  • Required Field: The Transportation Security Authority (TSA); Travel arrangers put in a fictitious date of birth
  • Do not build a profile for Non-Employees. They can only be booked in Concur by a UBC employee using the guest booking feature or by speaking with UBC's travel agency.

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