Leases, Licenses & Tenancies

UBC occasionally needs to occupy premises off campus, or may wish to grant third parties rights to occupy premises on campus.

Normally a formal lease, license or tenancy agreement is required, and any such agreement requires the approval, execution and administration by Treasury.

Signing a Lease, License or Tenancy Agreement

While a lease, license or tenancy agreement will likely be initiated by a faculty or staff member, only individuals explicitly identified in UBC’s signing resolutions have the legal authority to sign documents and to bind the university. The relevant signing resolution can be found here. This ensures a proper review process so that UBC’s rights are protected.

In addition, if an individual faculty or staff member (other than an authorized UBC signing officer) signs a lease, license or tenancy agreement, they may be held personally liable for the agreement.

Approval Process

On campus

If a department wishes to grant a third party the right to occupy space on campus, Policy UP9 - Space Rental Policy, may apply. Departments should seek Treasury input if there is any question regarding applicability of that policy.

Off campus

Departments interested in occupying premises off campus should seek Treasury input from the outset. Treasury can assist in negotiating and finalizing agreements with third parties, and in administering these agreements, but individual departments or units must arrange for any payments that may be required under the agreement.

Treasury will also coordinate due execution of these agreements under UBC’s signing resolutions. In order to finalize a lease, license or tenancy agreement for approval by UBC’s authorized signatories, the following is required:

1. Request for Lease, License or Tenancy Approval Form

This form can be completed by the manager responsible for the lease, license or tenancy agreement. However, the relevant dean or department/unit head must also sign (if more than one department/unit is involved in the lease, license or tenancy agreement then both must sign). By signing and submitting this form the department/unit:

  • acknowledges that the agreement has been reviewed,  is acceptable to the department/unit and recommends the agreement be executed by UBC
  • accepts full responsibility for proper performance of the agreement
  • confirms the ability to meet any financial obligations under the agreement.

Request for Lease, License or Tenancy Approval Form

2. Indemnity Approval Form

If the agreement includes an indemnity, University Counsel approval is needed.

Indemnity Approval Form

Please send completed forms and documents to Jessica Hou

For more information, contact contracts and leases:

James Heth
Assistant Treasurer, Contract & Leases
Tel: 604-822-5182

Jessica Hou
Manager, Contracts, Leases & Housing
Tel: 604-822-0945