Supplier Setup

Last updated: January 19, 2024

In Workday, a supplier request should be initiated when you are engaging a new supplier for a purchase order or invoice payment. If a supplier is not in place, the purchase order and supplier invoice processes will be delayed.

Please note: As part of UBC’s Indigenous Strategic Plan (ISP), a new classification field to identify Indigenous businesses and/or vendors in Workday is ready for use. A supplier can select the Indigenous business classification if they are included in the UBC Indigenous business directory, certified as an Indigenous business, or self-identifies as a business entity that is majority owned or controlled (51% or more) by Indigenous peoples.

The UBC community needs to work with new suppliers to set them up in the Workday system. UBC “requestors” — those purchasing goods or services — are the main points of contact for their suppliers and should initiate supplier set-up as soon as the supplier is chosen (i.e. in advance of the invoice being issued).

The following article should be shared with new suppliers so that they can become part of UBC’s Workday supplier network. Please note that this resource includes the link to the Self-Service Supplier Set-up Form:

A supplier can submit their registration once the required fields in the set-up form are complete, and the form will confirm that the request has been submitted. However, this is not the end of the process.

New supplier registration will then be reviewed and approved by Finance Supplier Specialists as well as the UBC requestor contact. Suppliers must check back in to the portal to confirm the status of their registration.

This important part of the process is outlined in Step 5 of the knowledge base article above. Suppliers should log back into the portal and check their registration status within five business days. If registration was not successful, there will be notifications to inform suppliers on what information is missing.

Please note that submission of a quote does not establish a commitment from UBC. UBC will advise of its intent to purchase goods or services by issuing a Purchase Order.

If you receive a request for supplier information (name, address, contact information or banking details) you were not expecting or that may not be from UBC, please contact our Integrated Service Centre at and we will help validate the request.

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