When travelling, we recommend that you use one of our preferred airlines when they represent the lowest logical fare. Logical fare includes the most direct route. 

To be compliant with UBC Travel and Related Expenses Policy travellers and/or travel arrangers should choose flights by price and schedule, and not by the accumulation of frequent traveller points or benefits.


  • Discounts are offered on all UBC preferred airlines on select airfare types, subject to availability
  • Discounted fares are only available through Concur or Direct Travel (formerly Vision Travel). 

Participating Airlines

  • Air Canada
    • Lufthansa (AC Code)
    • United Airlines (AC Code)
    • All Nippon Airlines (AC Code)
  • WestJet
  • Cathay Pacific

Review Air Canada Fair Grid for North America

Frequent Traveller Programs

Register for frequent traveller programs with any or all of the airlines below. Make sure you insert the membership number into your UBC Concur traveller profile. To avoid booking errors and non-tracking of points, only use your full legal name for your frequent traveller accounts.