Banking & Leases

Find detailed information about a range of UBC banking procedures and other banking-related topics, as well as requirements for renting space off campus, and the use of space on campus by third parties.

Review banking and leases information for Workday through UBC's Self-Service Portal (CWL required). 

Get information and step-by-step procedures for working with UBC cheques, as well as setting up and managing coinage, imprest, and petty cash accounts.

Get approval to rent space on and off campus, or to enable the use of space on campus by a third party.

Jun. 12, 2024

FDM Change Request Blackout Dates for FY2025 Quarter Ends

To allow for successful Quarter End closures for FY2025, the following FDM changes will not be made during these blackout dates: Jul 8 to Jul 19,...
Apr. 18, 2024

Don’t forget to include the seal number on your green deposit bag

As part of the HSBC Canada transition to Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), grey coloured tamper-proof deposit bags have been changed to green bags as of...
Apr. 12, 2024

HSBC-RBC Transition project website is now live

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) acquisition of HSBC Bank Canada (HSBC) was legally completed on March 28, 2024. A new HSBC-RBC Transition project...
Jun. 24, 2024
Period+1 Opens for Payroll Only
Jun. 28, 2024
Period+1 Opens for All Companies
Jun. 28, 2024
Payroll Activities Closed
Jun. 28, 2024
Cutoff for Supplier Invoice Approvals
Jun. 28, 2024
Cutoff for Expense Report Approvals