Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Do I need a profile?

Yes! Travellers and travel arrangers need a Concur profile to book through UBC Travel, whether you will be booking with a full-service travel consultant or online through Concur.

Q: How do I get access to Concur?

To get access to Concur travellers need to register first. 

Q: How do I start using Concur?

New travellers or travel arrangers must have their own unique Concur profiles. Once the registration is confirmed it is very important to complete your profile with your full legal name. Once the profile is complete you have the option to use Concur or a live agent to make the booking arrangements for air, car and hotel.

Q: How should I pay for travel?

The University recommends the use of the corporate credit card programs for UBC related travel. There are two distinct card types and two different card programs: 

  1. Individual Card-for UBC employee travel
  2. Departmental Card for UBC guest and/or non-employee travel

For departments who are ready to migrate to UBC’s online payment tool please apply for the UBC Visa Card. For all other departments please use the American Express credit card.

Q: What is Concur?

Concur is the University’s online booking system for UBC related business travel. It is a convenient self-service portal for air, car and hotel bookings which is supported by Vision Travel, UBC’s full service travel management company Direct Travel (formerly Vision Travel) facilitates, ticketing, changes and automatically provides E-Ticket receipts for reconciliation purposes.

Q: When should I use Concur?

Concur is recommended for UBC related travel for faculty, staff, students and guests for simple point to point travel in North America or to major International cities.

For International travel to non-major cities, requiring multiple connections, complicated itineraries or when there are time constraints we recommended you use UBC’s full service option, Direct Travel (formerly Vision Travel).

Q: Who do I contact for complex travel reservations?

To book a complex travel reservation, please contact Direct Travel (formerly Vision Travel) during business hours from 08:00 to 17:00 (PST)

Tel: 604-637-1466 or 1-844-905-3824 and select option 1

Q: Who do I contact for help or changes to an existing reservation?

For any changes and/or cancellations to existing reservations in Concur:

  • email:​ 
  • call: 604-637-1466 or 1-844-905-3824, select option 1.
    Additional fees may apply, which may be expensed.

For any technical or functional issues in Concur:

  • Please take a screen shot of the issue
  • email Direct Travel (formerly Vision Travel) at​ 
  • call 604-637-1466 1-844-905-3824, select option 4.

For assistance during outside of office hours:

  • 1-800-206-1482
  • call collect 1-416-929-5840 and quote access code: 8SHH
Q: Why should I use Concur?

Concur is a secure business travel booking tool that generally captures more content and options than public sites. It provides users the ability to efficiently locate the lowest logical available fares. The system displays discount rates, public rates, CAUBO rates, internet fares, seat sales and some BC Government rates for (hotel & car in BC). This enables users to make better buying decisions for air, cars and hotels without having to surf around in multiple sites. 

Most importantly, travellers also have the benefit of the 24/7 emergency service and duty of care program.