Digital Payments Program

The Digital Payments Program (DPP) was created to replace UBC’s legacy digital payment system ePayment with the new digital payment system TouchNet and oversee all digital payment activities by UBC entities.

UBC’s legacy ePayment solution was an in-house, custom developed gateway to UBC’s third party payment processors that supported approximately 20% of UBC's annual payments. The solution was integrated with UBC’s new Finance platform (Workday) as well as the existing Student Information System (SIS) which automatically updated student accounts with successfully processed payments.

Since 2018, UBC has been pursuing the Board approved strategy to replace the existing Student Information System. The first step of this strategy required implementing Workday Finance, which went live in November 2020. The next phase of the journey will be the implementation of the Workday Student module which would replace and retire the existing SIS. Given that the legacy ePayment solution resided within the SIS code, a new Digital Payments solution, TouchNet, was acquired.

The Digital Payments Program was created to oversee the implementation of TouchNet, the migration of all UBC ePayment merchants to TouchNet, and all UBC entity digital payments activities.

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Options at UBC for Online Credit Card Processing

UBC offers the following online card processing solutions:


  • Available to UBC entities only.
  • Built-in eCommerce store and shopping cart at minimal cost (0.3% on volumes plus external credit card fees).
  • Integrates with most 3rd party eCommerce platforms to provide payment processing.
  • Records revenues in Workday in real time
  • For more information, visit About TouchNet.

To setup a new TouchNet store or use TouchNet with your intended 3rd party eCommerce platform, please fill out a New Store Form.