UBC’s Transition to Workday

As of November 2, 2020, UBC has transitioned to a new Finance system.

As a result of the transition there have been changes to how suppliers work with the university, specifically with regards to submitting invoices. 

The changes, outlined below, impact how you need to interact with the university’s finance departments to ensure ongoing timely and accurate payment, effective November 2:

Email Invoices directly to Accounts Payable

Effective November 2, invoices need to be emailed directly to UBC’s central Accounts Payable unit. 
Previously, suppliers directed their invoices to users within the university community for review, and not directly to the Accounts Payable team. With the implementation of Workday, all invoices should be sent to UBC Accounts Payable: ubc.invoices@ubc.ca.

If an invoice must be physically mailed on paper, please send it to:

University of British Columbia
Attn: Requestor name
TEF3-5th Floor 6190 Agronomy Road
Vancouver BC V6T 1Z3

Mandatory Information Requirements on Invoices

Effective November 2, all invoices sent to UBC will need to include one of the following:

  • A UBC Purchase Order (PO) number 
  • The name of a UBC requestor plus their department, if a PO number was not provided. If this information is not provided on the invoice, then UBC will not be able to process the invoice for payment.

For complete information on invoicing requirements, visit the Invoicing Standards page on the UBC Finance website. 

Purchase Order Format Change

Effective November 2, UBC Purchase Orders now use an updated format. This format still includes all the key information required by suppliers. If you have questions regarding a UBC purchase order, please contact the Buyer identified on the purchase order or the UBC requestor of the goods or services being purchased.

PO Numbers on Delivery Documentation

Suppliers should include Purchase Order numbers on delivery documentation/packing slips if applicable. To facilitate the payment of purchase-order-related invoices, UBC has implemented goods/services receiving processes in Workday whereby requestors will confirm successful delivery of their orders. Providing the UBC PO number on delivery documentation/packing slips will expedite receipt and payment.

Please contact info.support@ubc.ca if you have any questions.