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Scientific Supplies Roster

UBC has established participation agreements with seven pre-qualified suppliers to support UBC with scientific supplies needs. 

Key services

  • Consumables: includes chromatography, filtration supplies, glassware, lab ware, tools, plastic-ware and disposable gloves
  • Life Sciences: includes living organisms, antibodies, biochemical kits, media, and reagents
  • Chemicals: includes solutions, solvents, acids, bases, fine chemicals, and salts
  • Minor Lab Equipment: include centrifuges, mixing devices, temperature control devices, microscopes, and other equipment that use electricity or contains mechanical components

Key benefits

  • Connect with knowledgeable specialists for advice on products, handling, storage, warranties, and training.
  • Access a comprehensive catalogue of scientific supplies including branded, private label or generic products and optimized pricing.
  • Leverage a range of delivery options that meet your product and service level requirements through proper shipping and handling particularly related to perishable supplies.
  • Access a range of value-added services (varying by supplier) to support research and academic program activities and operations including, but not limited to pipette clinics, free samples, consignment services, lab asset management, recycling programs, and more.

Contract Reference #

RFSQ 2022013

Supplier Categories Offered Contact Information Additional Contact Information
ESBE Scientific Industries Inc  Consumables, Minor Lab Equipment, Chemicals, Laboratory Furniture Customer Service
905-475-8232 ext. 606 
Froggabio Inc. Consumables, Life Sciences, Minor Lab Equipment

Chris O'Brien
Operations Manager

Van Pham
Territory Manager

New Horizon Scientific Inc. (Westlab) Consumables, Life Sciences, Chemicals, Minor Lab Equipment, Laboratory Furniture

Lachlan Boram
BC Account Manager

Customer Support Line

Qiagen Life Sciences Yass Zia
Director - Life Sciences Sales, Canada
Customer Care Team
MilliporeSigma Canada Ltd Chemicals, Life Sciences, Consumables, Minor Lab Equipment Tina Thottingal
Senior Account Development Manager
Customer Care Team
Ultident Scientific Consumables Jay C. Gross
VP Sales and Marketing
Customer Support Line