Purchases under $3,500

Last updated: April 11, 2024

At UBC, all faculties, departments and units can choose from the following options for purchases of goods and/or services up to $3,500 (CAD) in value inclusive of taxes per person:

  1. Supplier Catalogues - for purchases with included suppliers. For more information see Purchasing through Supplier Catalogues | UBC Finance
  2. Purchase Order -  for more information see Purchase Order
  3. UBC VISA Card - this is restricted to the next two conditions:
    • One-off / non-recurring purchases. Where the value of each purchase does not exceed $3,500 (CAD) inclusive of taxes.
    •  Multiple purchases with the same supplier/payee. Where the annual cumulative value of ALL purchases is not expected to exceed $3,500 (CAD) inclusive of taxes. 

A Purchase Order is required if the annual cumulative spend with a given supplier is expected to exceed or has exceeded $3,500 (CAD) within a year. Making multiple purchases over the year with the same supplier/payee where the individual value of each purchase is under $3,500 (CAD), but the aggregate of the purchases exceeds the $3,500 (CAD) threshold, is not in compliance with UBC policies. 

Please contact your procurement team if you have a specific case where you believe this would not apply. We will evaluate individually and work with you to find the best solution while keeping faculties and units in compliance with UBC policies and minimizing risks.

Review Credit Card Options 

If a supplier requires a Purchase Order (PO) number (or for PPE purchase orders under $3,500 (CAD) that require a Purchase Order (PO) number), please follow procedures for creating a Purchase Order.

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