Purchasing through Supplier Catalogues

Supplier Catalogues are an e-procurement solution in Workday that simplify the purchasing experience with UBC's approved suppliers. 

Supplier Catalogues work similarly to typical online shopping. This online approach allows you to access and procure a supplier's catalogue of goods with pre-defined items and pricing for UBC — straight from Workday. Workday connects you directly to a supplier's site, where you will be able to add items to a shopping cart and proceed to checkout, and then be re-routed back into Workday to complete the transaction.

Benefits of Using a Supplier Catalogue 

  • Take advantage of pre-negotiated best prices based on UBC communal spend and the protection of buying under a UBC contract with key Suppliers.
  • Gain better control over your purchase process for requisitions under 10K, as the system will issue a Purchase Order Due automatically to a supplier.
  • Enjoy a one-stop-shop experience in Workday.
  • Access real-time details, such as item availability and pricing, in addition to more accurate data and reporting. 

Overview of the Catalogues Purchasing Process

This flowchart provides an overview of the Catalogue Purchasing Process. For step-by-step instructions, please see Create Purchase Requisition - Catalogue in the Workday Knowledge Base. 

Once a purchase requisition has been created, UBC faculty and staff will be able to connect to the supplier website and access its catalogue of goods. For purchases over $10K, the requisition will go to a Buyer to review for any additional support, before going for Budget Owner approval. Once approved, Workday will create and issue the purchase order to the supplier and notify the requestor. 

Available Supplier Catalogues in Workday

We currently have the following Catalogue Suppliers: 

Additional UBC-approved suppliers will be added in the future.

Relevant Resources

If you require support or have questions, please submit a Workday support request through the UBC Self Service Portal.