Individual & Group Donations

Seventy-five percent of endowment funds come from individual and group donations.  

UBC takes very seriously its fiduciary responsibility in respect of these donations. Indeed, the university has a legal obligation to manage the donated funds prudently and in a manner consistent with the terms of the donations.

Endowment funds are held in perpetuity and used to generate investment income. The income earned from these donations is used to support a range of academic priorities, from research chairs to infrastructure projects to student financial support.

Usually, donors specify how they want their money to be used and expect the university to ensure that their gifts will continue to generate income for the purpose they have specified.

What do individual and group donations support?

Following their passions, donors typically make gifts to support specific faculties, programs, awards or scholarships or to other projects at the university. Endowments provide a unique opportunity to build lasting philanthropic legacies for future generations. Current areas of support include:

  • Student scholarships and needs-based bursaries that support students across all UBC academic disciplines and athletics;
  • Research funds for medicine, science, social sciences and the arts; and
  • Student and academic programs on both UBC campuses.