Structure and Purpose

Last updated: June 27, 2024

The UBC Main Endowment Pool is composed of over 3,900 individual funds.

A majority of these individual funds are dedicated to supporting student awards directly, although the majority of the total value of the funds is targeted towards faculty support. Other funds within the financial endowment are also targeted at supporting learning and engagement, facilities, research, and capital projects.

The specifics of individual endowments are captured in Endowment Trust Agreements, which are signed by the donor as well as the university president. These agreements outline the unique mission or purpose of the individual endowment, which cannot be changed except in rare circumstances. The university is grateful for these contributions, and works to ensure that donors’ philanthropic intentions are met in perpetuity. Beyond this commitment to donors, UBC also has a fiduciary responsibility to the charitable purposes for which these endowments were established.