Reimbursement Claims

Review these guidelines when requesting reimbursement.

Original Receipts

Original detailed receipts from vendors must support all non-per diem expense reimbursement claim items. Credit card slips are not acceptable documentation in lieu of the original receipt. Missing receipt declarations are to be used when it is impossible to obtain a copy or no receipt is available. Claimant must acknowledge receipts are missing and certify the expense is for UBC related business and that it will not be claimed elsewhere. Approval is required from one administrative level higher.

Submission Time

All expense claims should be submitted for reimbursement within 30 days of the expense date unless the total reimbursement is <$50 in which case claims can be accumulated up to 90 days for submission.

Submission Approval

Certain expenditures must have one administrative level higher pre-approval, while specific expenditures require the approval of either the Unit Head or the Dean/VP or President, where noted within the following sections.

In case of any discrepancy with this webpage, the full expense rules will always take precedent.