Changes to Finance Processes

To provide the finance community with information on key changes to finance business processes, these pages detail what has changed, what has not changed, who is affected, and what action to take for each key area.

It is important to note that this information is not related to system changes, but rather to adjustments made in off-system business processes. For information relating to Workday and the university’s systems transition please visit the Integrated Renewal Program website. For support contact the Integrated Service Centre

Learn about the key changes that impact processes relating to payroll.

Learn about the key changes that impact processes relating to purchasing and paying for goods and services.

Learn about the key changes that impact processes relating to travel and expense, and credit card programs.

Learn about the key changes that impact business processes relating to cash transactions.

Some terms previously used by UBC’s finance community in PeopleSoft have changed with the launch of Workday.

With the launch of Workday, finance queries will be supported by the Integrated Service Centre’s Service Desk and Self-Service Support.

Oct. 18, 2021

Share your feedback on the proposed business expense rules by Nov. 1

To facilitate consistency across Faculties and Administrative Units and enhance transparency among the community, the UBC Board of Governors recently...
Oct. 14, 2021

Scheduled Maintenance for Tuition Waiver

Please note that the system for submitting Tuition Waivers will be down for scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, October 19, 2021, between 4:30pm - 5:...
Oct. 7, 2021

Weekly Updates on Payroll Accounting Adjustments

A Payroll Accounting Adjustment (PAA) is required each time an end user submits or updates a record in Workday to retroactively update an employee’s...
Oct. 23, 2021
Time Entry and Submission
Oct. 25, 2021
Period+1 Opens for Payroll Only
Oct. 25, 2021
Time Approval and Data Entry
Oct. 29, 2021
Period+1 Opens for All Companies
Oct. 29, 2021
Payment date for employees