Coinage Accounts

UBC departments and retail entities (e.g. Bookstore, Food Services) that require cash registers, change floats are used.

A coinage account (bank account) at HSBC is required to replenish the change floats with the required change/currencies. If your department needs change on a regular basis, you should establish a coinage account.

Establishing a Coinage Account

  • Contact the Manager of Revenue Accounting via email.
  • Specify the purpose of requiring ongoing change floats.
  • Once the request is reviewed and approved, a coinage account will be coordinated for the department through HSBC.
  • Revenue Accounting will inform Treasury to provide the department instructions on how to open the account.
  • This coinage account is managed and reconciled by the department.

Depositing to a Coinage Account

  • A coinage account must never be in an overdraft position. Therefore, it is mandatory to deposit fund in advance of withdrawing change (“making change”).
  • The department deposits its own fund from operations either from petty cash or cash register floats.
  • New coinage deposit forms can be ordered through HSBC or photocopied deposit forms are acceptable by HSBC.
  • Contact the Manager of Revenue Accounting to request deposit forms and to confirm current costs for ordering deposit slips from HSBC.

Withdrawing from a Coinage Account (“making change”)

Only authorized individuals in the HSBC customer profiles can request a coin order to the designated address.

Please email your request together with the order template to

Intria Operations requires 24 hours notification for cash orders. Please ensure there is fund available in the coinage account for the order.

Coinage Order Form

Reconciling a Coinage Account

  • Each department is responsible for reconciling its own coinage account.
  • HSBC will provide the department with a monthly bank statement to complete the reconciliation process.