Workday Changes on the UBC Finance Website

Friday, October 30, 2020

The UBC Finance website has historically served as the primary source for information on UBC's Financial Management System (FMS) and corresponding financial processes.

As Workday becomes UBC's finance system on Monday, a lot of that information is changing.

The central finance teams have been working hard on updated content that will reflect finance at UBC after go-live, and this content will be deployed to the UBC Finance website over the weekend. 

Some key changes to note:

  • "How to" information: Details of how to do many financial tasks in Workday will be available through the Knowledge Base in the Self-Service Portal from Monday onwards. Content on the Finance website relating to how these tasks were previously done (in FMS) will be archived, and the pages will be redirected.
  • Support: The Integrated Service Centre (ISC) is replacing the Financial Operations Customer Support Centre (CSC) in providing support to faculty and staff with queries about supply management, accounts payable, vendor set-up, and UBC's credit card programs. Users of the Finance website will be pointed to the new Self-Service Portal and the ISC website where appropriate.
  • Logging in: Instances offering the option to log into the Management Services Portal (MSP) or FMS will be changing to options to log into Workday.
  • Training: The Training section of the Finance website, which previously focused on FMS, will be archived and redirected.
  • Online Payment Tool (OPT): As Workday replaces OPT, the OPT section of the website will also be archived and redirected. 
  • Forms: Many forms that related to functions in FMS are being archived, as actions will be replaced in Workday.
  • Number Generators: The page used to generate JV, QReq, TReq, and Service Req numbers is also being archived, as those are connected to functions in FMS.

There are hundreds of pages that will be updated through this process, so please be patient while we make this transition. Every effort will be made to redirect content where necessary, but please review any pages that you have bookmarked in case they have been changed.