Hyperion 2.0 Workshops

Thursday, September 17, 2020

To support planning and forecasting activities within Workday, a new instance of Hyperion has been created — Hyperion 2.0.

To help prepare UBC's finance community, Hyperion 2.0 workshops have been scheduled for September and October as below. These workshops will be co-led by AEP & the Budget Office and are intended for existing Hyperion 1.0 users. If you did not receive an invitation to the workshops, but would like to attend, email budget@finance.ubc.ca.

Learn more about the changes to Hyperion in the Preparing for Workday section, and review available workshop information below.


Session Topic Date
1 Overview of key changes Sept 18
2 Hyperion walkthrough Sept 25
3 Position forecast Oct 2
4 Funding allocations and transfers Oct 9
5 Final session and general Q&A Oct 16