Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is my department FMS certified?

FMS Certification allows your department to enter transactions directly into the Financial Management System (FMS) without having to send any backup documents to UBC Financial Operations. If you are unsure about your department FMS certification, please contact your department administrator first. If you need additional help, please contact

Q: Is training mandatory for all new employees in a financial role?

Training is not mandatory for all new employees. Depending on your role and responsibilities, your supervisor or manager will advise you on which courses are suitable for you.

Q: What happens to my FMS access when I transfer to a different department?

Anytime you change departments, but need to retain access to any of the FMS systems, a new access request form, that is appropriate for your department and role, must be submitted. Following are the different FMS access request forms that are available:

  • FMS Access Request for Data Entry or Reviewer
    • This form is only for those who work in certified departments and need to enter or review financial transactions directly in FMS Live. FMS Certification training is required prior to access being granted. Once the form has been completed, scan and email it to
  • FMS Live Access Request:
    • This form should be used for access requests that require any other access to FMS Live, other than data entry or reviewer functions as mentioned above. Examples include view-only access or running of queries in FMS Live. Once the form is completed and signed, please scan it as a pdf document. Submit the scanned pdf file as an attachment on the Contact PeopleSoft Support webform.
  • FMS nQuery Access Request
    • This form grants access to FMS nQuery to perform tasks such as processing online cash receipts, running general ledger reports, and viewing accounts payable transactions, among other things. Once the form is completed and signed, please scan it as a pdf document. Submit the scanned pdf file as an attachment on the Contact PeopleSoft Support webform.

If you transfer from an FMS certified department to a department that is not FMS certified, your previous department needs to submit an FMS Access Request for Data Entry or Reviewer form indicating that your access to FMS Live be removed. If your new role requires you to make payments to vendors, then you have the option of submitting Smart Forms or manual paper forms to Procure to Pay client services. If you have no Smart Forms training then you must complete a course to gain access to Smart Forms.

Q: What is the difference between FMS Live and FMS nQuery?

UBC’s financial data is recorded into FMS Live. Financial Operations and departments that are FMS Certified have data entry and reviewer access to FMS Live. The financial data that is entered into FMS Live can be accessed and viewed in FMS nQuery, which is a read-only database and open to all departments. It allows you to look up and view general ledgers, chartfields, PGs, accounts payable entries, Purchase Order information and more. Smart Forms are also accessed through FMS nQuery.

Q: Where are backup documents for requisitions for payment stored?

If your department is FMS certified, then your department is responsible for keeping the backup documents in a secure place for audit purposes.

If your department is not FMS certified, then your department must send all original documents to Financial Operations for processing and storage. Please remember to keep copies for your department's files.

Please refer to Policy #117 - Records Management on the University Council website for further information.

Q: Who can take training courses and what is the cost?

To take our training courses you must be a UBC employee and have a valid CWL ID. If you are from a department that is affiliated with UBC and located outside of campus (i.e. hospitals), visit UBC IT to learn about obtaining a CWL account. Our courses are free of charge to university faculty and staff.