Financial Planning and Analysis

The Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) function provides a wide range of data-driven insights, with financial models that support everything from operational decision-making to organizational strategy.

Why do we focus on FP&A?

Those models increase performance predictability, which is the ability to predict the future from a finance perspective, both in terms of short-term and long-term forecasting. Further, those models enable the ability to analyze scenarios that limit the range of uncertainties/risks in a given situation by showing a variety of potential outcomes.

This function works to:

  • Forecast operating performance for the upcoming quarter and year; 
  • Conduct variance analysis to enable strategic and operational decision making;
  • Deliver multi year planning, aligned to strategic plans; and
  • Partner with UBC stakeholders to provide various financial analyses to support strategic decision making.
  • Support university central strategic decision making through FP&A for specific opportunities

Who does what?

In the VPFO, there are two departments that work together to provide this function:

  • Treasury’s key strategic focus is to ensure UBC’s financial position is sound with respect to liquidity [the cash available] for capital projects, revenue streams for endowments, investments and enrolment, as well as evaluation of specific business opportunities, gifts, etc.;
  • The Comptroller team’s strategic and operational work brings all key information together with information from Treasury and Financial Operations to provide the connection between the University’s actual historic performance (Financial Reporting), and the University’s projected consolidated performance (Operations, Endowment, Research & Related Organization) to enable the portfolios to make better business decisions.

We also work closely with the Provost’s SDS (enrolment/tuition revenue) and PAIR/Enrolment Services Teams for student numbers, tuition and associated impact on ancillary services. 

Who do I contact when I need support?

You can email VPFO Financial Planning & Analysis at and you will be routed to the correct team.