When using couriers, reduce your carbon footprint by exploring the various ways to ship your items more sustainably.

Choosing a courier that embraces sustainability will not only reduce the footprint of your shipment but will also encourage other couriers to improve their sustainability practices. 

  • Couriers and vendors that use sustainable packaging materials, and low carbon methods of transportation.
  • Paperless ordering

Before Shipping

  • Recycled content packaging
  • Recyclable or compostable package filling (i.e. corrugated paper vs. Styrofoam)


  • Online ordering services (paperless)
  • Couriers with a low-emissions fleet (hybrid or electric vehicles)
  • Consolidate orders to reduce number of shipments required
  • If possible, coordinate deliveries with others shipping to the same location
  • Packaging made with virgin paper, or with no recycled content
  • Petroleum-based packaging materials (i.e. Styrofoam, plastics)
  • Couriers with paper-only ordering services
  • Couriers with a fossil fuel only vehicle fleet

Where to Purchase

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