PCI DSS Resources

These comprehensive resources aim to help UBC merchants make informed decisions around PCI compliance, business and technical processes.

PCI standards are updated every three years and merchants are advised to ensure that they use the most up-to-date documents:

PCI Security Awareness

UBC merchants involved in the acceptance of credit card payments are expected to have at least an adequate knowledge on Information Security Standards related to PCI.

The purpose of the awareness video presentations is to emphasize attention on security. They are intended to allow UBC merchants to recognize IT and PCI security concerns and to know how to respond and deal with them. Following are the recommended modules to satisfy the PCI requirement on security awareness. You must have a CWL login ID to access the videos:

  • Introduction (1:06)
  • You are the target (2:09)
  • Social engineering (3:36)
  • Email & IM (6:52)
  • Passwords (3:40)
  • Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standard (2:08)
  • End-Brief overview (0:38)

Fact Sheets

Information Supplements