UBC ePayments

UBC ePayment, previously CBM, is a web payment service provided by UBC Enrolment Services to be used by UBC merchants to process credit card and INTERAC Online payments for UBC business transactions.

UBC ePayment is solely a payment processor that links to merchants’ online “shopping carts”. It is subject to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliancy. As such, all participating UBC merchants are required to be compliant with all ePayment terms and conditions in order to maintain compliancy.

Effective immediately, all applications to ePayment Web Service and Virtual Terminal are subject to Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). The UBC PCI Working Committee requires new merchants to undergo PIA to ensure that potential privacy and security issues are identified, corrected and mitigated before acceptance of credit card payments.

Find out more about UBC ePayment

If you have any questions about UBC ePayment, please contact sis.support@ubc.ca

Options at UBC for Online Credit Card Processing

UBC offers the following online card processing solutions:

ePayment Web Service

  • Available to UBC entities only.
  • An online form or a shopping cart to integrate with ePayment is required.
  • Contact support or send a ticket through the webform.

ePly -  ePayment Integrated Solution

ePly Full Service

  • Available to UBC or Non-UBC entities
  • UBC entities are required to complete all applicable PCI requirements.
  • See ePly details and pricing
  • Non-UBC entities can contact ePly directly.