Training workshop for UBC VISA cardholders moves to self-paced and on-demand

Thursday, May 18, 2023

UBC Financial Operations' online workshop, Using your UBC Visa for maximum impact – Your responsibilities as a Cardholder, is now available as a self-paced, on-demand module on UBC Workplace Learning (WPL). 

The workshop aims to help UBC Visa cardholders and delegates better understand the university’s Visa program policies and their responsibilities as a cardholder. During this interactive, self-paced module, registrants are provided the tools to:

  • Manage your Visa purchases effectively
  • Provide timely and correct reconciliation
  • Avert card suspension
  • Take appropriate action for specific situations, such as limit increases and fraud prevention
  • Access needed support when required

Please note that this session focuses on the business policies and processes and is not a functional walkthrough of completing tasks in Workday. For Workday functional support, please contact the Integrated Service Centre.

This module is a great support for those who are new to the UBC Visa Program, as well as existing card holders, delegates and approvers requiring a refresher of the program’s policies and card holder responsibilities.

For questions about the workshop, please contact