Supporting UBC’s sustainability strategies

Thursday, September 28, 2023

VP Finance & Operations’ Procurement Services within Finance & Integrated Services and VP Research & Innovations’ Innovation Partnerships will be collaborating with the Canada Climate Law Initiative (CCLI) to support UBC’s sustainability strategies outlined in the Climate Emergency Task Force Report.

Through this collaboration, Procurement Services will help deliver on our UBC sustainability strategies and UBC climate emergency report by supporting our partners with climate literacy, capacity building to help manage climate governance through free, confidential and customized board and executive trainings through CCLI.

Canada Climate Law Initiative – an initiative founded through the UBC Allard School of Law - will support companies that are key strategic suppliers of UBC and continue their mission of providing businesses and regulators with climate governance guidance to make informed decisions towards a net-zero economy.

With the support of VPRI Innovation Partnerships and the Sustainability Hub, this initiative provides a tangible example of UBC’s leadership in the transfer of knowledge from academia into actionable support and resources for UBC partners and vendors.

Our process

Starting in October, the campaign will focus on 45 key strategic and high spend UBC suppliers. Canada Climate Law Initiative will be reaching out to our partners and suppliers to begin scheduling board meetings for early 2024. At the end of the year, they will be sharing year-end status reports on the results and actionable steps taken by partners as a result of this knowledge and training.

For more information, please reach out to: