Reimbursing Expenses Training Course

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Reimbursing Expenses - "Carpe Per Diem" training on WPL guides users through submitting expense reports that are ready for approval.

Let’s be honest: few UBC Faculty and Staff members love the thought of submitting reimbursements for payment. It can be especially frustrating to submit an expense report only to have it sent back to you because it lacked the required information to be approved. Or, as an Approver, not to have the necessary details and context to approve an expense.

The training course Reimbursing Expenses – “Carpe per Diem” addresses the “why’s” of completing your expense reports to minimize send-backs and increase reimbursement speed. If you are new to submitting expenses at UBC, either for yourself or as someone’s delegate, we highly recommend this live, virtual session where you can have your questions answered.

Learn more and register on WPL.