Changes to the EIB Accounting Journal Template

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Last updated: June 3, 2024

UBC’s EIB (Enterprise Interface Builder) Accounting Journal template has been updated to make it easier to add important information and prepare for submission through a single, consolidated file. The updated template replaces existing templates (including payroll EIB templates and integrations) by including new columns, pre-approved journal sources, as well as a built-in error detection tool (macro).

This updated template should be used for all accounting journal submissions using the EIB. Note: previous versions of the template will still be accepted for EIB submissions but will be phased out shortly.

Find the new template on the EIB Resources page (formerly named ‘Changes to JV Excel Uploads (EIB)’) or download the updated EIB Accounting Journal template:


Details of the changes

New Columns

The template includes two new columns and two columns previously used in the payroll EIB template. This eliminates the need for using a separate pre-approved payroll EIB template.

  1. Column V – Deferred Capital Contributions​ (new)
  2. Column AG – Contingent Worker​ (from payroll EIB)
  3. Column AI – Salary and Benefit Classification​ (from payroll EIB)
  4. Column AJ – Strategic Initiative​ (new)

New Pre-Approved Journal Sources

Users with the ‘EIB Accountant – Accounting Journal’ security role can use any pre-approved journal source, including the new pre-approved payroll journal source, and will now require only one-over-one approval routing. The new payroll pre-approved journal source must be used, as the old pre-approved payroll EIB integration is being phased out.

Pre-approved journal sources can be used for manual accounting journals in Workday or in an Accounting Journal EIB and will have the journal route one-over-one for approval.

Units that transfer funds within any operating funds or within FD850 will now be able to take advantage of pre-approved campus transfer journal source for one-over-one approval routing.

Pre-Approved Payroll Journal Source​ (from payroll EIB)

  • Restricted to Ledger Accounts/Spend Categories the same as Payroll Accounting Journals​
  • Reference ID (EIB): Pre_Approved_Payroll_Journal​

Pre-Approved Campus Transfer Journal Source

  • Restricted the same as Campus Transfer Journals with additional restrictions on fund​
  • Pre-Approved Campus Transfer can only be used with Operating Funds​ (FD004, FD005 only)
  • Reference ID (EIB): Pre_Approved_Campus_Transfers​

Updated Pre-Approved Journal Source Names

’EIB’ will be removed from existing pre-approved journal source names. This is being done for clarity, as these journal sources can be used in manual journals entered directly in Workday, as well as EIB templates.

The new journal source names will be visible in Workday.  The Reference IDs will be used on the EIB templates.

Error Detection Button

A ‘Check Entries’ button (optional Excel macro) has been added to the new template to check for some of the most common formatting errors and highlight impacted cells, including:

  • Credit/Debit amounts Issues (i.e. negative values, 0 values, non-numeric values, values exceeding 2 decimal places)
  • Worktag formatting errors (ex: Spend Category, Revenue Category, Program, Grant Id, Project id, Gift id, Cost Center, Gift Initiative)
  • Employee ID formatting (i.e. non-numerical or incorrect length)
  • Account set value (i.e. to ensure the text “Standard” is entered in each row)

Elimination of Separate Payroll EIB

The updated EIB accounting journal template now includes pre-approved payroll journal sources as well as payroll-related columns (Contingent Worker & Salary and Benefit Classification). A separate Payroll EIB template and integration is no longer needed for pre-approved payroll journals. This will improve EIB processing time, bring efficiency to approvals (one-over-one approval) and eliminate the need to manually maintain a list of users for pre-approved payroll journals.