Payment Standards

Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) and Automated Clearing House (ACH) are the preferred methods of payment for suppliers, contractors and consultants.

Please download the form, available to Canadian and US suppliers, and supply it to your UBC requester. This form will be attached to your supplier set-up or change request form in Workday. 

With timely invoice payment a top priority of suppliers, the below standards are outlined to ensure a common understanding of UBC’s obligation for payment. For updates on the payment status of your invoice, please contact directly the purchase requestor (supplier’s primary contact) or department to which you are invoicing.

Payment Terms

The standard payment terms are 30-days. Due date and currency exchange rate are calculated based on the invoice date. For further details, please refer to UBC’s standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

Canadian / U.S. Suppliers

All invoice payments to Canadian suppliers are made by direct deposit using EFT. Payments to U.S. suppliers are made by direct deposit using ACH. Suppliers will receive a remittance advice when a payment is made.

To change and update banking details, please go to Workday.

International Suppliers

Review information on the Global Disbursement Service used by UBC to make international payments.

PO Numbers on Delivery Documentation

Suppliers should include Purchase Order numbers on delivery documentation/packing slips if applicable.

To facilitate the payment of purchase-order-related invoices, requestors will confirm in Workday successful delivery of their orders. Providing the UBC PO number on delivery documentation/packing slips will expedite receipt and payment.

If you have questions regarding a UBC purchase order, please contact the Buyer identified on the purchase order or the UBC requestor of the goods or services being purchased.