Sustainability Priorities

Financial Operations applies sustainability vision and goals—as outlined in FO Sustainability Framework—to all UBC business decisions affecting the supply of services, goods and equipment for operational needs and related transactions.

The FO Sustainability Framework is aligned with UBC's 2035 vision of "regenerative sustainability embedded across the University throughout teaching, learning, research, partnerships, operations and infrastructure, and the UBC community."

The sustainability framework focuses on a number of priority areas. Suppliers who best demonstrate their ability to help UBC achieve each of the following sustainability goals, in addition to their own leadership in sustainability, will increase their chances of a higher overall rating on the sustainability portion of their evaluation during the tender process.

Sustainability Priority Areas

Energy & Emissions

  • UBC is focused on advancing solutions on campus that eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.
  • UBC Target: Reduce emissions by 67% by 2020 compared to 2007 levels.

Materials & Waste

  • UBC aspires to be a “zero waste” campus by changing what we purchase and improving how we manage our waste.
  • UBC Target: Increase overall diversion to 80% by 2020. Achieve a steadily decreasing trend in operational waste disposed to landfill/incineration despite forecasted campus growth.


  • UBC is committed to water conservation and treating it as a precious resource to be used and managed wisely.

Commuting & Getting Around Campus

  • UBC is committed to developing an automobile restrained campus that encourages more trips by transit, cycling and walking to and from campus and within our neighbourhoods and academic lands.

Engagement Programs

  • UBC is committed to engaging suppliers to collaborate and develop innovative solutions to aid in research and sustainability priorities.