Competitive Tender

A competitive tender ensures that the procurement of goods, services and construction works is fair, equitable, transparent and competitive.

Its goal is to obtain the best overall value for UBC customers and secure value for money by protecting public interest. Procuring goods, services - including construction - over $75,000 CAD (exclusive of taxes, duties, customs and freight charges) may require a competitive tender process.

How to Access Opportunities

UBC publishes opportunities to BC Bid, a service provided by the Province of British Columbia. Visit BC Bid and select "Browse by Organizations" then select "University of British Columbia" to view all current opportunities.

How to Submit a Bid

UBC is accepting all RFx submissions electronically through UBC Bonfire Portal. Suppliers must first register at no cost with Bonfire.

The University is not liable or responsible for any delays or technical difficulties with electronic submissions.