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Q: What information needs to be included with the "P/G Request, Non-Research Only" form?
  • If this is a non-research contract PG, a copy of the signed contract/agreement needs to be included with the request.
  • If this is a non-research non-contract PG, supporting documentation (eg. gift agreement, pledge form, solicitation letter, communication from donor or granting agency indicating the specific use of funds, website address that solicits donations) explaining the reason for the new PG to be set up is required.

Attaching the necessary supporting documentation to your request will expedite the process of setting up the new PG.

Q: Where do I submit my “Project/Grant Request, Non-Research Only” form?

Non-research contract:

University Industry Liaison Office
The University of British Columbia
103-6190 Agronomy Road, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z3
Tel: 604-822-8580 | Fax: 604-822-8589

Non-research non-contract – send to UBC Research Finance

Q: Who in my department needs to authorize my "P/G Request, Non-Research Only" form?

Department Head or Senior Financial Manager and not the PG manager should approve the form. This process indicates that the Department Head/Finance Manager authorizes the set up of this PG for their department.

Q: Why do inactive project/grants (PG) still generate a monthly report?

PGs will generate a report if there is a balance left in the account. This balance can be smaller than $1.00. When preparing the journal entry to clear out the account for inactivation, please refer to the FMS nQuery (FMIS on the Web) General Ledger PG balance as opposed to your monthly reporting balance as these reports are rounded to the nearest dollar. Reports will not be printed only if the PG has zero balance and inactivated.

However, closed or inactivated PGs will continue to appear in these reports as long as these PGs have at least one transaction during the fiscal year or has a balance at any time during the year in either the ACTUALS or CENTRAL ledger.

Q: Why is my PG active when I sent in a request to deactivate it?

Before a research PG can be deactivated, its budget balance and cash balance must both be zero. Research Finance must resolve any cash imbalance before deactivation, which requires considerable effort, especially if the PG's transactions goes back several years.

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