Understanding Your Pay Statement

The space available on the pay statements is limited, which means it uses a lot of abbreviations. Use this guide to understand your earnings, taxes and deductions.

YTD Totals

Your current pay statements show your total earnings and deductions for the year for each item. However, your previous pay statements only show gross earnings, deductions and taxes, without the detail.


  • HN1: One-time honorarium payment for services beyond the usual job scope/requirements.
  • Regular: Regular salary.
  • RetroFel: Retroactive Fellowship earnings.
  • Ret Top: Retroactive TOP - used to calculate benefit rates when your salary was temporarily lower (e.g. when you are on leave) - not payable. 
  • Retro Pay: Retroactive regular pay that was missed or late (for example, when a pay increase comes through after the date it is to start).
  • Retronopay: Not paid - it represents the amount of retroactive earnings that pension was calculated and contributed on for Retro Pay.
  • Top up: An amount used to calculate benefit rates at full pay during a period when your salary is temporarily lower (e.g. when you are on leave) - not payable.
  • Top Pen: An amount used to calculate pension rates at full pay - not payable.
  • Top BGLPEN: An amount used to calculate Pension and Life Insurance rates at full pay - not payable.
  • UI Rebate: Employment Insurance grants UBC a rebate on EI premiums, because UBC's sick leave plans are above average.


  • Income Tax (T4): Regular income tax.
  • Income Tax (T4A): Income tax deducted on special types of payments, such as Fellowship, Maternity Top up, and Research Grants.


  • AAPS: M&P dues.
  • EFAP: Employee and Family Assistance Program. For more information, see your benefits.
  • StaPension: Staff Pension.
  • FacPension: Faculty Pension.

How to Print your pay statement