Printing Your Pay Statement

You may encounter problems printing pay statements if you select the wrong part of the page to print, or if your margin settings are too large. Follow this guide to printing your statement.

Selecting the pay statement to print

If you find that you are printing the title bar and the left menu as well when you try to print your pay statement, try:

Internet Explorer: Right-click the pay statement itself and select "Print". This will ensure that you print only the pay statement, and not the other elements of the page.

Firefox: Right-click somewhere on the pay statement. A menu will appear:

Select 'This Frame'

Select 'Print Frame'

Chrome: Close the menu at left. This will allow the pay statement to fit on regular paper:


You may find that the statement runs off one side of the page. If you are using Firefox, you may print an entirely blank page. This occurs when the margins in the Print Settings for your browser are set too large, which doesn't leave enough room on the paper.

Changing your print settings

Internet Explorer: Select "File", and in the menu, select "Page Setup".

Change the Left and Right margins to be as small as possible, and you should be able to print correctly.

Firefox: Firefox has an option in Page Setup: