Former Employees

Former employees can access their pay information through Workday using their existing CWL for 18 months after leaving UBC.

Pay slips detail standard information about your pay, including statutory deductions, year-to-date earnings, and pension contributions. View all of your pay information by logging into Workday. View all apps and select the "Pay" app.

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Leaving Canada?

If you are leaving Canada, please do not close your bank account or cancel your direct deposit prior to receiving all wages, salary, overtime, vacation and any other earnings that you are entitled to receive from UBC.

  • Ensure your bank account remains open in order for Payroll to process all earnings owed and direct deposit the funds to your account.
  • Leave advance instruction with your bank to close your account on a specific date. You can advise the bank you are expecting your final incoming payroll direct deposits and choose a date after the final deposit date to close your account.
  • Ensure your bank has your new contact information, forwarding address and new bank account number in the event they need to connect with you after you have left Canada. If you are opening a new account upon arrival at your new destination, you can simply transfer your account balance via online banking.
  • Remember to keep your CWL log in so you can access the Workday portal to obtain your T4/T4A for preparation of your Canadian Income Tax Return. The Workday portal is available to you for 18 months after your last pay period worked. T4/T4As are issued by February 28th each year.
  • Ensure your personal profile in Workday is accurate and up-to-date in the event UBC needs to contact you.