Employees on Leave

Employees on leave can continue to access their pay information through Workday using their existing CWL.

If you need support while on leave, please visit the UBC Self-Service Portal (CWL required) to review information in the Workday Knowledge Base or to contact Payroll.

Ensure your information is accurate

Even while on leave it's important to ensure your information is correctly entered in Workday.

Step-by-step instructions on updating your contact information in Workday are available in the Change My Contact Information knowledge base article (CWL required).

Employees can also update their direct deposit information in Workday at any time. Refer to the Change My Direct Deposit or Payment Elections guide in the Workday Knowledge Base for detailed instructions (CWL required).

Maternity, parental, or adoptive leave top-up payments

Employees on maternity, parental, or adoptive leave may be eligible for Employment Insurance and/or Supplemental Employment Benefits (SEB) top-up payments. Information about eligibility and rates is available on the UBC HR Benefits website.

In order to process maternity or parental leave top-up payments, Payroll requires the following:

  1. Please complete the appropriate agreement form (PDF) based on your employee group (M&P AAPSCUPE 116CUPE 2278CUPE 2950Staff Technicians & Research Assistants/Non-Bargaining Unit Staff). The signature can be signed by hand or electronically. If you would like to sign electronically, make sure to download the form to your device to enable the digital signature feature. 
  2. Submit a Workday support request through the UBC Self-Service Portal with a copy of your signed agreement. The form will be sent to Payroll who will provide the ‘UBC Representative’ signature and return the agreement to you.
  3. Once you receive a copy of your Service Canada “My Latest Claim", which includes your full name, start date of the claim, and EI benefit rate, please submit a new Workday support request through the UBC Self-Service Portal with a copy of your “My Latest Claim”. Payroll will use the Service Canada Claim document to set up your Maternity or Parental Top-Up Payment. 

For Faculty members, please skip steps 1 and 2 and simply submit a Workday support request through the UBC Self-Service Portal (CWL required) with a copy of your "My Latest Claim".  

Learn more about benefits for employees on leave in the Your Benefits section.